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Before you pack those bags and visit the treasure offerings of North Carolina State make sure that you have already obtained a Visa and other requirements to enter the United States. Definitely you donít want to see yourself wallowing in agony after you realized that you donít have a Visa yet and your plans started to crumble. For such mischief, its time for you to temporarily book attractions like the Cape Fear Botanical Garden, Catawba Science Center, North Carolina Aviation Museum and Stone Mountain some other time.

Unarguably the United States of America would always remain as a melting pot of tourists composed of a diverse group of citizenships that enter the country for purposes that may range from the leisure to the business. However, the increase of terrorist activities, most notable in the 2001 attacks, has signaled the country to incorporate a new way of verifying people who are entering the country. This means that obtaining a Visa is always required regardless of how short your planned stay in the country could be, whether the purpose of your visit is to participate in a conference, business meeting, vacation, training, education or medical treatment. Even if you need to visit your relatives in the States, you still need to secure a Visa.



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If you are from countries like Canada and Bermuda, then you can easily go the USA because people from these countries need not require a Visa. There are countries which are categorized under the Visa Waiver Program, wherein a citizen of a specified country can enter the United States for vacation or business matters without the presence of a Visa, as long as they their visitation wonít exceed 90 days. Passports under the Visa Waiver Program are equipped with bar codes and biometrics as a distinction from other passports. The new systemís implication is to caution foreigners to plan in advance whenever they thought of flying to the Unites States so that they could get their Visas just in time for their visit. Due to the more rigid application, a staggering process that includes a more tight security screening, application may take a longer time.

Itís good news however that in some countries, automated procedures has improved the speed of clearance procedures. Requirements also vary from one country to another. One thing to remember however: an approved Visa doesnít necessarily mean an instant entry to the U.S. This just means that your entry to the US, in accordance to your purpose of visit, has been reviewed by the American consulate and determined that youíre eligible to enter. The only institution that will permit you to enter the country is the immigration officer, who will also decide the duration of your stay.



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