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A Rescue Buoy at Wilmington Beach


Watersports, island hopping, diving and jetskiing are just some of the activities to enjoy on water. Especially in North Carolina, beaches are everywhere and people keep coming in to get a feel of the state’s natural beauty that safety is always the first to be thought of.

The best icon to speak of safety in North Carolina is the rescue buoy. First, the beaches are all around the place. Second, it has saved many lives already.

Lifeguards are required to have a rescue buoy. Sometimes it is tube-like, sometimes it is round. They are like vests worn in whitewater rafting and most popularly, they are seen on TV shows like “Baywatch”. And that is good actually - Safety first before fun. If fun would have gone first, then there would be more paranoia and risks that no one would like to experience.


A Rescue Buoy at Wilmington Beach


The rescue buoy is unbelievably life-saving. It is a long foam flotation device

usually made of vinyl and is buoyant enough to support the full weight of the

lifeguard or rescuer and victims. It has a long string that is worn around the body

to support the lifeguard when striding on the water while searching for the victims.

It is incredibly useful to rescuers and people who are saved. Imagine life

without it and you would wonder how beachgoers will be saved.


This is an invention so great for any concerned individual. There will be no

worries but that doesn’t mean too that people have to be relaxed.


Like mentioned, safety first before fun. And safety doesn’t always have to be the responsibility of

lifeguards; it is the major responsibility of a beachgoer to take care of himself. Otherwise, do not

attempt to challenge the water and be sorry later.

North Carolina is a “safety first” believer. The rescue buoys are produced and purchased to give peace of mind to everyone who wish to have fun. Lifeguards are very friendly and are always ready to assist.

Feel free to visit the beaches and be ensured that safety is always the mission.




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