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Visit any of the tranquil beaches of North Carolina and transform those magnificent warm sunny day to sheer perfect occasion. Bring your family or friends and put your best beach clothes on and arrange a simple picnic and add up your favorite wine to levitate a touch of elegance in the atmosphere. The North Carolina’s coastline is simply a magnet for visitors of any heritage. Blame it to the perfectly temperate climate, the sun and the serene beauty of the ocean; the destination has been a perfect tourist spot. In addition, the place hasn’t swooned away from modernity, featuring fine dining establishments and activities that can make the whole visit an enjoyable one for people who are thinking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.



north carolina beahes


North Carolina beach’s beauty has been stretched to more than 3,375 miles of shoreline as well as the largest sand dunes in the States. The beach also has another angle, as it is lathered with rich history. One sheer example is that Cape Hatteras, which was “discovered” four centuries ago by Italian explorer Giovanni de Verrazano, was hailed as the first national seashore in 1953. The land also served as home to the first English settlement in North America – the Roanoke Island – which welcomed explorers in 1585. The shores have also been a popular fishing ground. Thanks to a number of shipwrecks nearby which have become a desirable habitat for fishes and other marine life forms. The shipwrecks, on the other hand, are greatly affected by the unique shape of the beaches which is responsible for the creation of constantly shifting sandbars.


The coast is also popular for its beautifully constructed lighthouses which have been built to serve as guide for ships. Originally there were ten lighthouses, but only seven remain, but they are enough to signify the history of the coastal culture. The most famous of the lighthouses is the Cape Hatteras lighthouse, which has been standing tall in the ground since 1870. After 50 years, the lighthouse has been rehabilitated, adding more height and making it America's tallest lighthouse at 208 feet high.

The beach has a lot of things to offer, as if each “station” has been strategically constructed to cater to anyone, even the most profound of interests. There are museums for history addicts, the wildlife and nature trails for the environmentalists and nature-trippers, the wind-surfing, hang-gliding and diving for adventurers and a number of golf courses nearby for golf enthusiasts. One can also find the wind satisfying enough to fly colorful kites with. The area is also home to kite boarding, a sport unique to the place and has become one of the biggest activities of the area. Other activities in the beach include fishing whether it could be deep sea fishing, pier and surf fishing,

So once you visited North Carolina, don’ ever dare forget to set afoot in any of the following beaches: Outer Banks, Crystal Coast, New Hanover Beaches and Brunswick Beaches.



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